The Potter and the Clay

Chapter 1

He moves slowly,

smiling as He reaches

gently into the water,

bringing forth a scoop of



The river, moving slowly,

reflects His smile in the

flickering water, and

fills the hole left by His hand.


Placing the slick, wet mound

upon the wheel,

He turns it,

shaping, caressing the clay

until form arises.

The wheel, now spinning faster,

brings definition to the bolus.

Within moments,

the shape of a vessel comes forth.


Reaching within,

He creates an emptiness.

Then with gentle pressure, He rounds the base,

and flattens the bottom,

giving it stability.  Fluting the neck,

He imparts grace.


“Behold.  It is finished,” He says

as He removes the vessel from the wheel.

Cherishing his creation,

He breathes life into it, and life is borne

unto the vessel.

Lovingly, he says,

“You shall be called Ce~Akeros.”


With infinite gentleness

He places the vessel into the quiet waters

of the river and

watches fondly as it

floats away,

into the mainstream of the Danus~Kai.