The Otino-Waa Creed

I am a special child of God,

chosen and saved for a unique purpose.

My life has been difficult,

but God has been and will be with me.

I have my own guardian angel who watches over me.

It is not my fault my parents are dead;

I will miss them until the day I die.

I choose to forgive the people and circumstances

surrounding their death,

because I know my own healing and well-being begin in forgiveness.

In the future,

whenever I feel sad or angry,

I will find someone who loves me and

tell him how I feel.

I know I can always talk to God in my heart.

No one can take God’s love for me away.

I am learning to be grateful for my life

knowing that God will use me

to help others who also have a difficult life.

Life is hard, but God is good!


Otino-Waa is a children’s orphanage in Lira, Uganda, East Africa