Almighty Father, and so fill us with your love,

that by forsaking all evil desires

we may embrace you, our only good.


Show unto us for your mercies’ sake,

O Lord our God,

what you are unto us.


Say unto our souls, ‘I am your salvation,’

speaking that we may hear ~

our hearts are before you.


So open our ears that we may hasten after your voice

and take hold on you.

Hide not your face from us,

we plead, O Lord;

                                                enlarge the narrowness of our souls

that you may enter in.


Repair our ruinous mansions of self

that you may dwell therein.


Hear us, O Heavenly Father,

for the sake of your only Son Jesus Christ,

our Lord who lives and reigns with you

and with the Holy Spirit,

now and forever.



      ~St. Augustine