On a Stormy Night

Once a kind-hearted man, wise but poor, lived in a tiny hut.  One rainy night he had just returned from a hard day’s work and was warming himself near the fire on which he had cooked his humble supper. Suddenly there came a knock at the door. A man had lost his way. Could he have shelter?

“Come in,” the wise man said. “My place is big enough for two.”

Then came a second knock. Another stranger had lost his way. Again, the wise man said, “Come in,” thinking to himself that the two strangers could share his cot and he would sleep on the floor.

A third knock sounded, and he welcomed another refugee form the storm.

“Come in. We will squeeze together. We will be warmer that way.”

There was a fourth knock.

“Come in. We can all stand comfortably in the hut.”

A fifth person was welcomed, and the hut was crowded indeed. But the wise man was undisturbed.

“Let us sing hymns and thank God for our shelter.”

But when the sixth knock came, he opened the door to welcome yet another person, ready to make a place by going out himself. Then all at once the room became larger, aglow with divine light, for the sixth caller was Jesus.

You see, where there is love, there is always room.

Matthew 25:40


~Rajendra K. Saboo

President, Rotary International, 1991-92