On this day ~



Mend a quarrel.  Search out a forgotten friend.  Dismiss suspicion and replace it with trust.  Write a love letter.  Share some treasure.  Give a soft answer.  Encourage youth.  Manifest your loyalty in a word or deed.


Keep a promise.  Find the time.  Forego a grudge.  Forgive an enemy.  Listen.  Apologize if you were wrong.  Try to understand.  Flout envy.  Examine your demands on others.  Think first of someone else.  Appreciate, be kind, be gentle.  Laugh a little more.


Deserve confidence.  Take up arms against malice.  Decry complacency.  Express your gratitude.  Worship your God.  Gladden the heart of a child.  Take pleasure in the beauty and wonder of the earth.  Speak your love.  Speak it again.  Speak it still again.  Speak it yet once again.