The Kingdom of God is like golden threads,

woven through a tapestry.




 large celebration was held in the Kingdom of the Earth, in which people from many cities and towns came together. Those of many different colors and backgrounds, grown-ups and children alike, arrived to enjoy the cheerful music and entertaining acts and plentiful food and glad meeting together. Throughout the multitude wandered many visitors who had come from the Kingdom of God, some who had been residents there for many years, some who had been of the Kingdom only for a short time. In all of these folk did the Holy Spirit of God abide.


As these people of the Kingdom of God meandered through the celebration, they brought the blessings of God to share with the many people of the Kingdom of the Earth: a prayer here, a kindness there, shared gestures of love and grace, compassion and mercy were granted to all.


And so it was at the end of the day, like so many golden threads interwoven through an intricate tapestry, the Spirit of God, made His expression known through those of His Kingdom, touching the lives of many at the celebration, making known the blessings and the peace of God.